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Day Trip to Novi Sad

Departing from Timisoara, we will head south west towards the Serbian border with Romania. Once over the border, we will enter the famous Serbian province of Vojvodina. For an hour, you will enjoy the colorful landscapes of the Pannonian Plain until we reach the southest point of our trip, Sremski Karlovci (Karlovitz) a quiet little Baroque town with small houses, churches palaces, gardens and an impressive history. We will visit the Chapel of Peace, where a peace treaty was signed, we will visit the main square, the Four Lion Fountain, the Karlovci Gymnasium, town hall, Roman Catholic Church, the Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas and more.

We will have a lunch break here to try the famous local specialities, a famous Bermet wine and Kuglof cake, a touch of German tradition brought to Karlovci by German settlers in the 18th century.

Our next stop will be the Petrovaradin Fortress, one of the largest strongholds in Europe still preserved. Built by the Austrian Empire in the 17th and 18th centuries, this fortress played a significant role in defending the middle European countries from Ottoman attacks. We will walk through the fortress, passing through some of its gates and see some of the interesting places from the top like City Museum, the old military barracks, and the clock tower. The fortress is also home to several world renowned artist associations and an impressive contemporary tapestry workshop. Enjoy the view over the Danube and the city of Novi Sad. As the second largest city in Serbia with its typical Central European appearance and proud history of being a cultural and intellectual center in the Austro-Hungarian Empire for which it earned the nickname ‘Serbian Athens.’

After the beautiful view, we will descend to the old town of Novi Sad, second largest city in Serbia and European capital of culture in 2021 along with Timisoara, and we’ll head for a walking tour in the center. We will see the beautiful neo-Romantic Serbian Orthodox Bishop’s Palace and visit the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. George from the 18th century with its invaluable iconostasis painted by famous Serbian painter Paja Jovanovic. We sill walk through the main street further on enjoying the 18th and 19th century architecture as well as endless rows of cafes and restaurants that give this city a special vibrant atmosphere and then reach the Liberty Square, a central point in the city. Here, we will find the town hall, the Roman Catholic Cathedral, Finance Palace and the neo-Classical edifice of the oldest city hotel Vojvodina. We will then pass by the Serbian National Theater and reach the city synagogue, the beautiful Hungarian Secession-style building, one of the largest European synagogues still standing.

In the evening we will return to Timisoara.

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