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Main topics

  • Epidemiology

    • Alcohol use evaluation
    • Alcohol in Europe a Epidemiological/Public Health Perspective
    • Patterns of alcohol consumption and related behavior in Romania
  • Hepatology/Gastroenterology

    • Alcoholic liver disease- prevention, screening, treatment and future developments
    • Alcoholic pancreatitis
    • Alcoholic associated gastrointestinal neoplasia
    • Alcohol and microbiota
  • Genetics

    • Environment versus DNA in Alcohol addiction.
    • Overview of the Genetics of Alcohol Use Disorders
    • Genetics and Addiction: Is Alcoholism Hereditary or Genetic?
  • Legal and forensic implications

    • Recent biomarkers for alcohol determination
    • The influence of chronic alcohol consumption in increasing domestic aggression
    • Association of alcohol consumption with illicit substances – potentiated effects
    • Increased risk of road accidents caused by alcohol consumption
  • Intensive care

    • Severe acute ethanolic intoxication
    • Particularities of anesthesia in patients with alcohol use disorder
    • Acute liver failure due to alcohol intoxication
  • Cardiology

    • The Ethanol- Heart Friend or Enemy
  • Addiction

    • Potential New Medications for the treatment of alcohol use disorder and experimental medications
    • Special population
  • Basic Science

    • Animals models used to study alcohol use disorder
  • Neuroscience and brain

    • Multileveled approach of alcohol dependence – from person to society
    • Alcoholic withdrawal syndrome
    • Psychosocial impact of patients with alcohol use disorder
    • How alcohol impact on the brain
    • Wernicke- Korsakoff Syndrome
  • Postgraduate course on Alcoholism and Alcohol-related disorders

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