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Visit Romania

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Timișoara – city tour

Romania’s third largest city, Timișoara, is known by the locals as the “First Free Town”, for it was here that the Romanians first started their protest against the communist regime. This brave city stood up to Nicolae Ceaușescu’s dictatorship and soon enough, the revolution spread like a fire from city to city until it got down to Bucharest.

One day in the county of Arad

The “gateway to Western Europe”, as Romanians call the city of Arad, is almost a stone’s throw away from Tmisoara. The elegant city is situated next to a rich wine-making region on the banks of the river Mures and surprises its visitors with beautiful eclectic and secession styled palaces that remind us of the glorious days of Habsburg times.

Oradea and thermal water

Even to the people who live here or for those who visit it a lot, Transylvania will always have the power to surprise and reinvent itself. Old cities dusting themselves off and presenting themselves in new and modern clothes, small communities rediscovering their heritage and cuisine, or natural sites preserving some of Europe’s last untouched mountains and forests – you name it, Transylvania will surprise you each time…

The Village of Margina and Corvin’s Castle

We will depart from Timisoara in the morning and our first stop of the day will be a delicious break in the village of Margina. The local community of the village became famous for serving a brunch consisting of locally made brands such as cheese, sausage, organic vegetables and of course, the local firewater, palinca. After indulging in these dishes, we will discover a bit about the life in the Romanian countryside, maybe even ride in a horse pulled wagon if the weather allows us.

Sarmisegetuza and Castles of Transylvania

We will depart in the morning from Timisoara and will drive towards the mountains, where our first stop will be Ulpia Traiana Sarmisegetuza, the remnants of the Roman Dacian capital.

Hercules Baths and hiking to Vânturătoarea Waterfall

One of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Carpathians, hidden in the Cerna Mountains, Vânturătoarea Waterfall is located at just 200 km from Timisoara. On our way there, 15 km before reaching our destination, we will pass through the famous Băile Herculane, a town with a history dating back to nearly 2 millennia ago.

Hercules Baths and the Danube

The multiethnic region of Banat spreads out on three countries: Romania, Serbia and Hungary. The unique history and multiculturality gives this place a unique feeling when one travels from one place to the other. The Romanian side of Banat is home to Romanians, Hungarians, Germans, Serbs, Czechs, Bulgarians, Slovaks and other minorities, each leaving their mark in either the architecture, the traditions, the language or the cuisine.

Mountain area of Banat by train and the white village of Garana/Wolfsberg

This day is about exploring the Carpathians in the southern area of Banat, not by car, but by a famous historical train. We will drive from Timisoara to Oravita, where the first train station on the current territory of Romania can be found.

The Wines of Western Romania

Romania has one of the oldest wine-making traditions in the world and its viticulture dates back more than 6,000 years. Due to suitable climate, relief and soils, viticulture became a current activity of the local inhabitants mainly in the hilly areas. Numerous local wine grape varieties have been obtained during medieval time by empirical selection, becoming representatives for Romanian wine regions.

Day Trip to Novi Sad

Departing from Timisoara, we will head south west towards the Serbian border with Romania. Once over the border, we will enter the famous Serbian province of Vojvodina. For an hour, you will enjoy the colorful landscapes of the Pannonian Plain until we reach the southest point of our trip, Sremski Karlovci (Karlovitz) a quiet little Baroque town with small houses, churches palaces, gardens and an impressive history.

Discover Northern Serbia

North of Belgrade, stretching up towards the Hungarian border and spanning the southern part of the fertile Pannonian Plain, is Vojvodina, one of Serbia’s most ethnically eclectic regions, with a large Hungarian minority. Subotica is one of the big attractions in Northern Serbia and it sure surprises the visitor, step by step.

For information about the availability and rates, please contact us at: office@medtravel.ro

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