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Discover Northern Serbia

North of Belgrade, stretching up towards the Hungarian border and spanning the southern part of the fertile Pannonian Plain, is Vojvodina, one of Serbia’s most ethnically eclectic regions, with a large Hungarian minority. Subotica is one of the big attractions in Northern Serbia and it sure surprises the visitor, step by step.

We will depart from Timișoara in the morning and after about two and a half hours we will reach Palic, a very famous holiday resort in Serbia. The resort became famous due to the largest lake in Serbia, which is a salty lake and is famous for its curative mud used in the spa centers for recovery and treatments. Also, the 17 km long promenade around the lake offers a beautiful landscape with elegant and famous buildings and villas built by the lake. This relaxing resort is now host to the yearly European Palic Film Festival.

We will continue our trip to Subotica, one of Serbia’s jewels, a city famous for its Art Nouveau architecture. Just a stone’s throw from Hungary, Subotica feels tangibly more like its northern neighbour. Historically, the ties are close: Subotica lived its golden age under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, when it was granted the status of a Royal Free Town. We will marvel at the pretty secession styled town hall, the synagogue, the beautiful and eclectic buildings along the corso (main pedestrian street) and the two main squares. We will take advantage of the relaxing atmosphere and try some Serbian cuisine and enjoy some local good wine.

In the evening we will return to Timișoara.

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