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The Village of Margina and Corvin’s Castle

We will depart from Timisoara in the morning and our first stop of the day will be a delicious break in the village of Margina. The local community of the village became famous for serving a brunch consisting of locally made brands such as cheese, sausage, organic vegetables and of course, the local firewater, palinca. After indulging in these dishes, we will discover a bit about the life in the Romanian countryside, maybe even ride in a horse pulled wagon if the weather allows us. The Romanian countryside is a very united community, where at its center we can find faith. We will visit the village’s small wooden church and we will learn about the Orthodox faith and traditions.

Next we’ll drive on to Hunedoara, where we’ll visit one of the most famous castles in Romania, The Corvin’s Castle, which is a great place for learning about Transylvanian history. The construction and expansion of the castle took place in several phases starting with 1440 when Johannes of Hunyad considerably enlarged the existing 14th-century fortress. The castle was the witness not only of his accomplishments, but also of his ambitions, becoming until the death of its owner, one of the finest in Europe of the time. The castle is today a rare historical and architectural example even in a region so rich in medieval heritage like Transylvania. It will take you from the Renaissance and Gothic years to 19th-century additions, guiding you through a past world of great military and political achievements. All you have to do is let yourself be carried away and discover the knight’s hall, the throne room or even the dungeons.

In the afternoon we will return to Timisoara.

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