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Timișoara – city tour

Romania’s third largest city, Timișoara, is known by the locals as the “First Free Town”, for it was here that the Romanians first started their protest against the communist regime.  This brave city stood up to Nicolae Ceaușescu’s dictatorship and soon enough, the revolution spread like a fire from city to city until it got down to Bucharest. Those interested in the communist regime will find Timișoara fascinating, as it still conserves memories from the 1989’s revolution and it offers museums about the subject.

However, the city is also well known for its rich cultural life. Home to one of the biggest universities in Romania, it welcomes students from all around the world, offering a busy nightlife in a beautiful city center.

Timișoara’s flair pleases tourists and locals alike. The city, which is the capital of the Banat region, has seen many challenges through time. The historical center takes you through stories from Hungarian times, to Ottoman occupation, to Habsburg times and all the way through communism, all leading up to the vibrant city we find today.

Wander along the elegant streets and see the gorgeous Union Square, Liberty square and Victory square. Experience the multicultural faces of the city and retrace the story of the end of communism in Romania, with all its funny and sad sides.

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